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Target shooting in National Forests is 100% free, completely legal and permitted almost everywhere.


With some research into the permitted areas, understanding the rules and regulations, and demonstrating safe firearm operation it can be a fun addition to any camping trip or a way to enjoyable recreational shooting away from crowed and expensive ranges.


Open Carry of Firearms in National Forests

  • Open carry of firearms is permitted in National Forests if person is legally allowed to posses a firearm


Concealed Carry of Firearms in National Forest

  • By permit only

Colorado National Parks

  • The information provided here addresses possession and use of forearms in National Forests. National Parks are completely different, so research the specific National Park you intent on visiting for more information.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park

    • It is legal to possess firearms if the person in possession is legally allowed to possess a firearm​

    • Quick Guide Reference

National Forest Shooting Information:
Resources and References
Screenshot 2022-08-22 193617.png
Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest
Shooting Interactive Map

Interactive map created for the Recreational Sport Shooting Project

If you have a shooting spot you want to share please contact me. I am always interesting in finding another location for recreation and training.

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